Video Review of Feast Your Fat Away Diet

Here is a brief review of the program. I recorded this video to show you the actual PDF and to talk real quick about it. Below the video is the transcript if you’d prefer to read it.

Hey guys. This is Feast Your Fat away review. Just a quick review, really. I just wanted to show you the inside of the main PDF. There’s a number of different bonuses and things to go along with it, but this is the 200-page bulk of the program.

It’s really cool. I read through it. That’s Nate and his wife. He’s the author, a super cool guy, really good writer. His voice comes out clear through the writing. It’s not a real boring, just scientific-fact-only kind of book. It’s entertaining to read, and it’s definitely a good read. I am excited about it and just wanted to show you real quick what you get.

Obviously, I can’t go into too much detail here, but it starts off with a little bit about Nate. First off, here’s the table of contents. You see it starts off a little about his story, the intro into, really, the whole book. The different lessons he teaches, which again, are just really straight-forward, logical, based off of science of course, but easy to understand and to implement.

Over here on the side you can see the thumbnails here. That’s just a couple of pages about his story, nothing major there. He’s got these intros with different quotes throughout the book. He’ll have some client quotes of his, case studies, what his clients have appreciated.

It’s a really well designed, good looking book. There are some cool pictures throughout it. There’s always the summary of what to do, why you should do it, and then the how to do it, so application. He does that with each of the lessons.

The book, just so you know, no surprises, is based off of the whole cave man idea, so whole, real-food-based eating. It’s definitely not a strict paleo diet, but that is kind of the foundation. Which, Nate even talks about that. He’s tried paleo only, but he found some flaws in it, especially for his lifestyle, his training, and that sort of thing.

This is the book. For more information about it, I’ll have a full write-up over on, which is a little website I put together to talk more about it. That’s his wife, obviously in shape.

Again, the whole foods, client stories, and then again for this lesson a summary of what to do, why you should do it, how to do it and the research behind it. You can see over here, I’m just skimming, lots of content and more client stories, more of that.

There’s some cool… He’s got some good food charts over here to help figure out exactly what types and how much of certain foods you should eat. He talks about when to eat them, based off of if you work out, when you work out, how you work out, all kinds of real-world application stuff that I’m sure you’ll appreciate. He ends the book with some different resources
and that sort of thing.

That’s it. That’s the Feast Your Fat Away review. Again, head over to for more information. All right, take care.

Also, you can visit Nate Miyaki’s website by clicking here.